360 degrees security assessment of the OT network

An important foundation for protecting OT networks is that the company has an overview of the OT infrastructure
and the traffic in the network. Many companies do not have this overview.

Insight into and interpretation of traffic patterns

Assessment of bottlenecks and errors in operational functions

Quick response to alarms and threats

Global knowledge of cyber threats from externals

Connections between IT/OT/WWW

Overall validation of threats to production infrastructure


A passive device/appliance is implemented, into a central switch in the company’s infrastructure. This appliance will receive a “copy” of the communications sent between PLC / RTUs and SRO / SCADA servers on a “mirrored” port. The device collects data for 2-3 weeks.
Afterwards data from the appliance is collected by SecuriOT, and a report which contains documentation of the infrastructure, asset overview and as well recommendations in relation to findings is made and handed over to the company.

Your benefit from a 360-degree security assessment:

  • OT security overview (vulnerabilities, abnormal traffic patterns, analysis of security-related incidents)

  • “Operational overview” (detailed and real-view asset view, changes in asset list, changes in the ICS system performance)

  • Risk assessment foundation in the OT network.

  • Obtaining detailed documentation of the OT infrastructure.

  • Detailed insights into the global threats and vulnerabilities that may affect the OT infrastructure.

Data from the OT network is collected and interpreted using, among other things, with technology from Nozomi. On top of this data collection is added “threat intelligence” from Nozomi and other sources used by SecuriOT.

SecuriOT gives you a unique overview at a fixed price.

Based on a dialogue with you about the analyzes that you wish to have, we set a fixed price. Typically, the total project will cost from Euro 4.000 excl. VAT. This will include: Setting up and removing the appliance in the OT infrastructure at 1 location in Denmark, analysis and a final report of ”findings” with recommendations and a presentation. There are certain technical prerequisites that must be met – if these isn’t present, the price and scope of the analysis may vary.

Please contact us for a closer dialogue on how we can provide you with an overview of threats that may affect your OT infrastructure.