Cloud Security – OT-applications – Are you in control?

Many OT suppliers and application vendors to the production floor are taking about ”The Digital Transformation of Industry” or similar messages, and the next sentence it say either “cloud enablement” or “5G connectivity”.

Well, regardless of concepts of Purdue model architecture and “air gapped” networks, the digitalization and cloud are coming and must be managed securely within the OT/IT sphere.

So the questions and concerns, that you might have, are:

  • How do you secure and monitor your OT applications in the cloud?
  • Can you discover and report misconfigurations in the cloud instances?
  • How do you report and comply with internal or external cyber security requirements?
  • How do have a single complete overview and enforcement point of the different cloud deployments?
  • How do you keep control of your data?

As a FireEye partner, SecuriOT would like to introduce FireEye Cloudvisory, which has the capability and functions to answer “yes” to these questions.

FireEye Cloudvisory is a comprehensive cloud security Tool, which gives you the following features:

  • Provide single pane visibility into network data traffic for workloads, applications and micro services.
  • Detect, alert, block and quarantine attacks using cloud-native micro-segmentation.
  • Manage firewall policies across multiple cloud providers and regions using micro segmentation.
  • Proactively assess current multi-cloud configurations against compliance standards and best practices.

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    FireEye Cloudvisory is relevant, when you have or need:

    Running a multi-cloud setup (AWS’s, Azure’s, etc.), and need to simplify the visibility across the platforms.

    • Consolidated Security console
    • Visibility on Network flow
    • Continuous Security Analytics

    Require continuous compliance, and

    • Compliance Guardrails in AWS
    • Risk analysis and remediation
    • Cloud vulnerability management

    Global governance

    • Enabled automated policy governance and security management
    • Intelligent micro-segmentation
    • Threat Detection and Response

    Deployment – Cloudvisory

    Cloudvisory gives you the option of agent-based or agentless workload monitoring and management. Cloudvisory is provided by a SaaS offering from FireEye and as on-premises on VMware deployment or physical hardware.


    Cloudvisory is a subscription-based service, where the combination of number of monthly “workloads” running in the cloud environments and storage  equirements are used to calculate the price.

    If on-premises on VM deployment or physical hardware are needed, additional costs are applied.