IT/OT Security Assessment from SecuriOT

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The cyber threat against the critical infrastructure of Danish companies has steadily increased. Compliance requirements for the companies that are part of it will also become more and more in the near future. We experience that many of the smaller supplies within e.g. water, wastewater and district heating are the questions:

  • How vulnerable are we to any cyberattack?
  • How can we be hit by a cyber attack?
  • Where should we improve our anchoring of processes, contingency plans in relation to cyber attacks?

In order to answer those questions, SecuriOT has a security assessment, that gives you an overview of your company’s security level from different angles such as technical capabilities, processes and anchoring of cyber security.

The security assessment is a proven course at a fixed price. In addition, different add-ons can be selected at extra cost. The security assessment is based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF), which is largely based on the “framework tool” also used by the European Security Agency “ENISA”.

Why choose SecuriOT IT/OT Assessment?

  • Get an overview of your current security level on both the IT-/OT infrastructure
  • Create visibility of current shortcomings in relation to your own ambitions and compliance requirements
  • Prioritize recommended areas for action for improvement

Our focus is on both the IT environment and the OT infrastructure, as both areas are central to reliable operation and security of supply. Furthermore, it is also a realization that IT and OT are more and more connected and can not “do without” each other.

The course extends over 3-4 weeks depending on the choice of optional add-ons. It is a combination of technical analyzes, review of documentation and interviews of key people in that organization. A workshop will then be held with you, where the preliminary results will be discussed.

After the workshop, you will get a report with concrete initiatives and recommended areas for action.

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The product sheet will contain further information about which safety disciplines are being investigated, a description of the procedure, example of reporting as well as prices.