Tosibox – A Secure and Simple Solution

Tosibox is the market leader in ensuring “connectivity” in Industri4.0 solutions and has experience from a large number of industries and “use-cases” with the use of Tosibox.

The primary needs and demands that clients express can be formulated in these interrogatives:

  • How is Remote Access Control secured, so that users or systems only have access to the necessary production devices?
  • How can users be verified securely before gaining access?
  • Management of user identities that has access to the production systems
  • How is this integrated into existing Identity Management processes?
  • How is an “audit-trail” secured on user activities in infrastructures?
  • What secure options are there for online access?

A lot of companies need to control “openings” to the production infrastructure. While there could be many reasons for this, companies remain with 3 central needs:

  • Remote access to production systems for employees
  • Assistance in maintenance and/or surveillance of production systems from the service provider
  • Inter-communication for cloud-based services for data collection and administration (industry 4.0)

In connection with the security assessments of production systems, that we offer to our clients, this is an issue that often arises, and many different solutions can be used to solve this.

Hardware for communication in the clients OT-infrastructure

Authentication with certificates

Central management of connections and identities

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