SecuriOT helps our customers with the work and processes around OT Security. The security of automation systems is often set aside with outdated systems, improperly connected networks, unsafe access, no existing OT policies and procedures, etc. We have knowledge in all these areas and will be the natural partner in OT security.


We work with OT safety recommendations from NIST, ICS-CERT, DHS, etc. and standards such as ISA-62443 and ISO 27001. Each customer is different and requires special dialogues and customizations. We can help you throughout the process from Asset Inventory, Risk Assessment, Control Recommendations, Implementation, etc.

SecuriOT is a separate company, but a part of the NOVOTEK Group, which gives us a unique opportunity to advise you on coherent solutions in production and automation systems focusing on the link between OT and security.

Jørgen Hartig

Jørgen E. Hartig

CEO. Strategic advisor and partner

Has worked with Security Consulting and Solutions since 1997 at KMD, TDC, IBM, Axcess, Ezenta and NetDesign.

Has worked as a “Trusted Advisor” in a wide variety of security disciplines such as; Risk and Security Management, BYOD, SEIM, Virtualization and Security, HTTP Security, APT, SOC Offers, Mobile Security, etc.

Extensive experience in business and concept development at i.a. TDC, IBM and Axcess.

Started in SecuriOT in Denmark in May 2018.

Jørgen Jepsen

Jørgen D. Jepsen

Senior Security Advisor and Partner

Has been IT manager in the supply sector for 12 years, and has worked with OT security and risk assessment of ICS systems for the past 7 years.

Participates in a number of groups for setting standards and guidelines, and have training as a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

Extensive experience in management, project management and security assessments.

Started in SecuriOT in Denmark in June 2018.

Aage Wolff-Sneedorff

Aage Wolff-Sneedorff

Sales Manager

Among other things, Aage has 12+ years of experience in solution sales and concept development within IT and IT security.

Aage has worked at SEAS-NVE Holding, HOFOR and IBM. Aage has successfully developed new business and product areas and also had direct customer contact with these solutions.

Recently, Aage has worked as Sales Director, with a particular focus on cyber-security solutions.

Aage started in March 2020.