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How to manage Cyber Security Threats against OT-Infrastructure

SecuriOT is pleased to show you our great webinar about Cyber Security Threats against OT-infrastructure.

In this webinar, we are fortunate to be with two leading OT security experts from FireEye & Nozomi Networks, both presenting during this webinar.

FireEye and Nozomi have partnered together to offer industry-leading visibility, monitoring and protection for OT systems.

Three specialized cyber security companies with insights into and technologies for securing OT-infrastructure.

The webinar discussing how to handle the evolving cyber threats that we see against OT-infrastructure. On a weekly basis we hear about production companies and critical infrastructure that are being hit by malware or other hacking activities. The number of discovered OT vulnerabilities is increasing, the threat surface is constantly expanding, and the number of attacks on OT infrastructure is exploding (2000% YoY as per latest IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report Index).

We will give you inspiration on these aspects:

  • Risk Based Assessment – How to justify cyber security investments?
  • Creating visibility of OT-infrastructure – if you can’t see it, you can’t protect it
  • Threat intelligence and “readiness”– how to use threat intelligence in daily Cyber Security work?


  • FireEye – Rob Caldwell – Director – Industrial Control Systems/Operational Technology Security
  • Nozomi Networks – Phillip Page –  Global Director for Partner Technologies
  • SecuriOT – Jørgen Hartig – Strategic Advisor

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