Unbreachable OT security, unlimited OT connectivity!

“Waterfall is the world-leading provider of uni-directional gateway technology.

Waterfall provides unbreachable security solutions that keep the world’s most important industries and critical infrastructures running. Our innovative IT/OT integration technology guarantees safe, secure, and reliable operations, protecting against both today’s cybersecurity challenges and those yet to come.”

Who Is Waterfall

Since 2007, Waterfall Security Solutions has been providing the highest level of protection for critical infrastructure and vital industries. With headquarters in Israel and offices in UAE, Singapore, USA, Europe, and Australia, Waterfall delivers the highest level of OT protection while enabling safe connectivity and visibility for industrial control systems (ICS).

What Does Waterfall Do

Waterfall Security safeguards the most sensitive and critical infrastructures across a wide range of industries including Power, Oil & Gas, Water Utilities, Rail, Manufacturing, Facilities, and Minting & Metals.

How Waterfall Does It

As cyber attacks on critical infrastructure are on the rise, software alone isn’t able to deliver sufficient protection. Waterfall solutions uses an innovative approach which combines unique hardware paired with dedicated software that provides 100% unbreachable protection while still allowing remote visibility. Attackers are physically unable to send anything back into the OT systems, creating a real barrier that stops OT cyberattacks and shields industrial controls from any outside attempts to plant malicious code or any other harmful activity.

“SecuriOT is proud to be a certified partner of Waterfall, and with the leading technology of their portfolio, we are able to secure the most critical systems and critical infrastructure our customers run and operate.”

For more information about Waterfall security solutions for OT, contact SecuriOT today or visit www.waterfall-security.com

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