Protection of OT infrastructure with TXOne

Attacks on OT infrastructure are becoming increasingly targeted. Many production systems include older and unsupported components that were designed before cybersecurity became a serious concern – but with increasing digitization, these systems also become vulnerable to the digital threats we see today.

It is often impossible to install patches and updates, so it is necessary to work with the “defense-in-depth” concepts, where several layers are introduced to protect the most critical OT devices.

It is at this point that TXOne comes into the picture and offers various “protective” technologies in the OT infrastructure.

SecuriOT is selling 3 products from TXOne:

StellaOne – Protection of “OT endpoints” – both those running newer Windows OS, but also unsupported Windows, e.g. Windows XP Embedded, Windows7, etc. (Download Whitepaper on StellaOne Protect and StellaOne Enforce by filling out the form on the right)

TXOne Edge IPS/FIRE – Robust hardware for protecting OT infrastructure via Firewalling, Micro-segmentation, IPS and virtual patching – (Download Whitepaper on Edge / Fire and Edge / IPS by filling out the form on the right)

Portable Security 3 – Scanning of e.g. service technicians’s PCs before connecting your OT infrastructure. (Download Whitepaper about Portable Security 3 by filling out the form on the right)

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    If you want to know more about the solution and how the different components fit in, you can find out more by clicking this link