The attention to cybersecurity by clients, industries, and societies is increasing. Security has become on the agenda, but it has to be anchored in organizations. This is not merely a question of having a “solution”. Processes and responsibilities also have to be in place – and SecuriOT is here to help you.

While you manage other important matters, we can help your company with maintaining a focus on security. We offer to take joint-responsibility in the work of security which ensures you progress in obtaining it in your company.

The primary areas in the SecuriOT Annual Cycle of Work are:

Ongoing sparring with an ICS Trusted Advisor

Dedicated employees from SecuriOT will be your competent partner for discussion you can reach out to if questions arise.

Participation in your company’s security projects

Where SecuriOT’s employees play an active role in the creation of security measures. For example, preparation of policies, processes, or completion of risk assessments and scanning of vulnerabilities.

Quarterly status meetings and consultancy of emerging threats

Meetings concerning your position to new vulnerabilities or security-related news that are of your company’s interest.

Why utilize SecuriOT’s Annual Cycle of Work?

  • Obtain certainty in bringing security on the agenda

  • Ensure progress in security projects

  • Fulfillment of any compliance demands and anchoring of security work

  • Access to the dedicated and focused trusted advisor from the ICS-/OT-world

Contact us

If interested in hearing more about the SecuriOT Annual Cycle of Work, you are welcome to contact us either via mail:, telephone +45 617 617 75 , or by filling the form here. We will get back to you as fast as possible.