FireEye and Nozomi Networks – A Combination of Operational Insight and “Threat Intelligence”

FireEye and Nozomi Networks provides one collected package for the securement of companies’ critical infrastructure and use of industrial control systems. This collaboration utilizes outstanding expertise, intelligence, and technology to assist organizations with cybersecurity – to quickly increase visibility, and the protection of the client’s operational network.

FireEye enables organizations to develop and control enterprise-wide security programs designed to ensure operational continuity in their most critical assets. And, with increased visibility through Nozomi’s SCADA-guardian, the “Time to Detect” and “Time to Respond” are greatly reduced in managing cyber-attacks. These incidents are aggregated in FireEye TAP where data from other log-sources can help in depicting a better and clearer image of an incident and its magnitude.

FireEye’s enormous comprehension within “Threat Intelligence” from ICS-systems can provide an exhaustive overview of cyber threats and provide companies with a great basis for decision making concerning appropriate preparedness-activities.

FireEye Threat Analytics Platform – TAP

Relevant sources such as Firewalls, PLC-log, and information from server protection, e.g. the FireEye EndPoint Security solution, provides information about incidents in production systems. This is all collected in the FireEye TAP which provides you with alarms to improve “context” and hereby creating a better foundation for analyzing incidents.

For more information on this collaboration:

7-minute overview of TAP