SecuriOT Inventory Risk Tool

“Risk based Asset management”

SecuriOT Inventory Risk Tool helps you answer 2 key security questions:

  • Have we adequately protected the most critical OT components in our OT infrastructure?
  • Which OT components should I prioritize to enhance security?

What is SecuriOT IRT?

The SecuriOT Inventory Risk Tool (IRT) is our advanced solution that provides deep insights into the importance and criticality of individual OT components in your supply chain or production flow. The security measures that are implemented in the OT infrastructure must counter the risks facing your organization, and this is where the SecuriOT IRT provides unique insight and value to your organization.

How does the SecuriOT IRT solution work?

The IRT solution will quantify a “risk score” for each OT component, which will indicate whether the currently established security measures are at an appropriate level in relation to the criticality of the OT component. Our SecuriOT IRT app, which can be installed on both tablets and/or PCs, will guide the user to conduct an assessment on the factory floor by answering a series of key questions. This data is then sent back to the SQL server, from where the risk score is calculated. The risk score is based upon 30+ parameters such as backup, patch level, operating system, network segmentation, spare parts, etc.

After gathering this data, various reports can be generated which provide a unique overview of the risk score for the examined components, and, furthermore, provide detailed information about each component.

In easing the integration process, the solution includes built-in functions for integration with existing inventory databases.

The solution can be installed in your infrastructure without storing data in cloud-based systems.

The solution is based on the Microsoft Power platform and utilizes the SQL server as the foundation for data storage.


The benefits of using SecuriOT include:

  • Creation of detailed OT component documentation across your production lines and/or utility services in a structured and standardized manner.
  • Unique risk assessment of your OT components based on 30+ parameters, such as criticality, backup, cybersecurity protection, network segmentation, spare parts, and many others.
  • Image documentation of individual OT components via mobile app usage.
  • Calculation of a “risk score” for each component, which indicates whether appropriate measures are in place for the component’s criticality.
  • Built-in reporting via SQL, Excel, or PowerBI.

The solution can be tailored to your business environment.

SecuriOT IRT is based on a subscription model.

The solution can be tailored to your business environment. SecuriOT IRT is based on a subscription model.