Are Your Industrial Robots Secured Against Cyber Attacks?

The industrial robots perform important functions in your production flow, and therefore “uptime” and precision are often very crucial for production.

The cyber threat to the production floor is steadily rising. It also means that the industrial robots stand for shots, but are they really protected against a cyber attack?

SecuriOT can help you – both with a technical solution for protection and with advice regarding architecture and processes around the daily work with cyber security.

SecuriOT has entered into a strategic collaboration with Alias Robotics, which focuses on securing the robot architecture and associated components.

Alias Robotics has developed the Robot Immune System (RIS). It is a software application that can be installed on the robot controller itself and provide multiple layers of protection against a cyber attack.

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    Robot Immune System (RIS) supports specific models from the leading robot vendors, including:

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